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Past Royalty

1 (1980)
Celebration I (Ball ONLY – No Parade)
Pamela Geraci
Nick Ascani
2 (1981)
The Games People Play
Julie Blanchard
John Hope
3 (1982)
Follow The Yellow Brick Road
Lori Merritt
Jerry Himel
4 (1983)
Centurion Sweet Shop
Angela Olivier
Ronnie De St. Germain
5 (1984)
They All Aks For You
Cheryl Riviere
Rodney Riviere
6 (1985)
Saturday Night At The Movies
Robin Broussard
Tony Catalano
7 (1986)
Disney Rides Again
Karen Pflueger
Philip DiSalvo
8 (1987)
Born In The U. S. A.
Julie Rosen
Richard Stevens **
9 (1988)
Broadway At The Saenger
Kellie Hope
Joseph David **
10 (1989)
And Baby Makes Ten
Kim Grainer
John Pankratz
11 (1990)
Did You Ever Wish Or Dream
Natalie Deffner
Karl Keller
12 (1991)
And That’s Entertainment
Dawn Deffner
Val Pitre
13 (1992)
The Genius Of It All
Jennifer Meisner
Bruce Ponthieu
14 (1993)
Treasures Of Our Years
Carolyn Walker
Carl Henderson **
15 (1994)
Dad’s Hat I’ll Wear
Paige Busch **
Steven Rosen
16 (1995)
The World’s Greatest Teams
Stephanie Briant
Dennis VanDyke
17 (1996)
Centurions Remember Words of Wisdom
Aimee Castellon
Michael Olivier
18 (1997)
Home Sweet Home
Christine Bernard
Darryl Schmitt
19 (1998)
Centurions Hear The Sounds Of Music
Cathy Castellon
Leonard Kinler
20 (1999)
Louisiana – And How The Living Is Easy
Catherine Breslin
Allen Deffner **
21 (2000)
Centurions Enjoy The Classics
Olivia Moran
Dennis McCrory
22 (2001)
Centurions Great Inventions
Julia Breslin
George Breedy
23 (2002)
Here They Come – Two By Two
Tiffany Campise
Roy Campise **
24 (2003)
Join Centurions Under The Sea
Victoria Castellon
Matthew Plunkett
25 (2004)
Everything That’s Silver
Maria Castellon
Norman Bourgeois
26 (2005)
Centurions Say “Let’s Celebrate”
Brittany Roberts
John Roberts
27 (2006)
Centurions Enjoy New Orleans
Ashley Erskin
Mike Bourgeois
28 (2007)
Centurions Under The Big Top
Amanda Bayhi
Wayne Allain
29 (2008)
Centurions Say No Biz Like Show Biz
Amy Michel Cox
William Cox
30 (2009)
Centurions’ 30th U.S.A. Adventure
Kimberly Robinson
Herb LeBlanc
31 (2010)
Partying With Centurions
Morgan McCrory
David Brousse
32 (2011)
Myths and Legends
Jillian Campbell
Larry Perez
33 (2012)
Games Centurions Play
Ashton Frilot
Rudy Johnson
34 (2013)
Happy Holidays
Dr. Lisa Barbiero
Jay S. Spangler III
35 (2014)
And The Beat Goes On
Lauryn Henderson
Keith Larmeu
36 (2015)
Centurions Explores the World of Emotions
Emily Kiefer
Rick Mercer
37 (2016)
Come to the Mardi Gras
Emma Parish
Ed Hilderbrand
38 (2017)
Exploring the Orient
Logan Flory Hess
Andy Le Bouef
39 (2018) Treasures of the Sea

Betsy Fischer

Anton Peter Yrle



Of course, this is a work in progress. We try to develop themes that appeal to children of all ages, and at the same time, have some relationship to current events.

Our Kings are selected from among our Kings’ Club, which is populated with Members who really want to share in a breathtaking adventure that very few men ever experience. In the years before they reach the lofty station of King, they may participate in our Royal Court as Pages, Junior Dukes or Dukes.

Our Queens are chosen from a long list of applicants whose names are placed there by parents, friends or other relatives, sometimes as early as the day they are born. They also may be members of earlier Courts as Pages, Ladies In Waiting or Maids.